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What we know now about the MBA global immersion

Dean Taylor shared this message with WashU Olin’s faculty and staff today. More detailed information went to students separately to the classes of 2022 and 2023. Incoming students in the class of 2024 are hearing from the Olin recruiting team.

Dear colleagues,

I’ve recently communicated to our Full-Time MBA cohorts the latest plans for their global immersion. Our plans are informed by our recent experience taking the class of ’22 to DC for its Brookings residency—a journey fraught with canceled flights, prolonged exposure in public places and, unfortunately, a few breakthrough cases of COVID-19. We’ve also collaborated in these decisions with WashU’s infectious disease experts, the International Travel Oversight Committee and federal guidance.

We feel a sense of urgency to meet our commitment to our MBA 2022 students, and we must act now to meet the logistical challenges ahead. We’re also compelled to limit the risk of exposure while staging a rigorous, challenging and rewarding immersion into global business for all our MBA cohorts. Thus, here is where our plans stand.

  • The MBA class of 2022. These students will travel abroad from March 26 to May 1, 2022, with breaks for Passover, Easter and wellness days. Their immersion and all their coursework will be done in Spain, with an optional cultural immersion in Paris at the end of their time abroad.
  • The MBA class of 2023. We have postponed the global immersion to their second fall semester. The exact dates are being discussed and will be released in the near term. Their DC residency at Brookings is March 6­–12, 2022. We are mindful of—and accommodating—their ongoing career preparation. We will monitor the trajectory of the pandemic, with input from university and public health experts, before identifying their travel abroad locations by March 1, 2022.
  • The MBA class of 2024. It is our sincere hope that the incoming class will take its global immersion on schedule, starting in summer 2022. Their schedule takes them to DC July 10–16 and abroad from July 17 to August 17. Again, we’re withholding decisions on locations until we have a clearer picture of the pandemic’s trajectory.

These decisions aren’t easy, and we’re not taking them lightly. I’m deeply committed to upholding our commitment to the global immersion. At the same time, we’re obliged to do what’s right for the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty. Even with that backdrop, I’m confident we’ll create a fulfilling global experience for our students.

I remain grateful for, and proud of, the resilience, agility and creativity each of you brings to our work. You truly are the reason Olin’s stands proudly as a world-class institution.

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