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Updated plans for the MBA class of ’23 global immersion

WashU Olin Dean Mark P. Taylor shared this on February 24 with members of the MBA class of 2023.

I pledged to update you by March 1 on plans for your global immersion and, indeed, I have news today with travel locations and a preliminary schedule. As I’ve said before, we are strongly committed to delivering the experience I know you anticipated when you joined WashU Olin Business School.

I am pleased to announce our plan to return to a full-scale, three-continent global immersion. To begin, your cohort will travel to Washington, DC, to complete MGT 5305. From there, you push on to Barcelona, Spain, and then to Santiago, Chile. We will offer a short cultural immersion in Paris between Spain and Chile. This schedule is still pending university approval.

Why Chile? Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Atacama Desert, Chile navigated a different development path, offering a rich environment and a diversified economy in which to tackle real-world business issues. It’s also worth noting that Oxford’s data tracker places Chile’s COVID-19 vaccination rate No. 1 globally at 89.5%.

You will travel to DC from October 19 through October 21. You will depart for the global immersion on October 21 and return to the United States on November 22. We continue to monitor the trajectory of the pandemic and will keep you posted if any changes are required.

As we move ever closer to your departure date, the Graduate Programs Office stands ready to prepare you for travel and fulfill our commitment to the global immersion.

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