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To undergraduates: Coming to campus in fall 2021

Dean Mark P. Taylor sent this note to WashU Olin’s undergraduates on April 12, 2021.

The 2021 fall semester is fast approaching, and I know after the challenges of the past year you are eager for word about plans for on-campus learning in the 2021-22 academic year. To put it simply, we’re expecting to see you and all our undergraduates on campus, in person and in classrooms this fall. We are planning for predominantly in-person instruction on the Danforth Campus.

Given the ongoing uncertainty about the trajectory of the pandemic, however, the possibility remains that some courses will be offered in hybrid or remote formats.

We recognize some students face extenuating circumstances that may require continued fully remote participation in the fall. Based on public health guidance and travel restrictions, students may apply for an exemption and request remote participation under these circumstances:

  • International travel restrictions. International students unable to secure a visa for travel to St. Louis, or who are subject to travel restrictions preventing travel to St. Louis, may apply for a remote-learning exemption through OISS.
  • Health or disability requirements. Students with a disability or health condition that requires a remote-learning option should apply for consideration through the Office of Disability Resources’ accommodation process. Students applying for such an exception to learn remotely will need to provide appropriate medical documentation using the Office of Disability Resources (DR) accommodations process. Determinations will be made in line with current public health guidance.

Remote-learning exemption request forms will be available by May 1. Remote-learning exemption applications are due by July 1. If your application is approved, your academic advisor and your instructors will collaborate with you on a remote-learning schedule that advances you toward your degree. We will accommodate as many courses as possible in the WashU Olin catalog.

The earlier you apply, the easier it will be to facilitate these conversations with your advisor and your instructors about course accommodations. Additionally, if you are approved for a remote-learning exemption and find that you can participate in on-campus study, you must arrive by the add/drop deadline.

Finally, the Office of Residential Life is committed to working with students who may have specific questions or individual concerns related to the outcome of their requests. I urge you to follow up directly with that office at

I’m looking forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!

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