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On campus for the fall semester

This week, Dean Mark Taylor sent the following message to current and incoming students about plans for on-campus instruction in the fall semester—and procedures for students who might require an exemption from on-campus study.

Dear students,

In a few short weeks, classes begin for the fall 2021 semester, and I am looking forward to seeing all our students attending on-campus, in-person classes at that time. I am also aware some students may have circumstances that still require remote study in the fall. If you believe you require an exemption from on-campus study, please review the situations below and fill out the appropriate exemption form for consideration by the university.

In all cases, you are strongly encouraged to submit your exemption request by July 15.

If your exemption is approved and you are cleared for remote study, we will contact you to discuss your fall classes. Do not reach out directly to instructors. Instructors cannot permit an individual to participate remotely in a course that does not already allow remote participants without approval through this process.

If your circumstances do not align with these options, please contact your advisor. Also, please note: You may have previously submitted an exemption request. However, as circumstances have evolved, we now ask you to again request an exemption using this process even if you have submitted it previously.

In the meantime, have a restful summer and I’ll see you in August!

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