WashU announces fall 2021 plans

These plans are based on what we know now. It’s important to keep in mind that some details may continue to evolve as conditions change regionally and nationally. We will keep you informed of any significant updates.

Review of public health protocols

WashU’s policies and practices have been developed based upon guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), St. Louis City and County Public Health officials, and our own world-class university public health and medical professionals.

Any individual affiliated with the university, including visitors, must follow all university health and safety requirements at all times.

Important note: Due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, the University may amend and communicate screening, masking, and/or physical distancing requirements. Individuals should reference the above website for the most current information.

Sanitize personal and shared space: Custodial services has increased the frequency of cleanings in public areas throughout the day, focusing on high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, elevator buttons, shared tables and chairs). Olin Operations will provide sanitizing products such as germicidal wipes and hand sanitizer in each classroom and meeting space where physical distancing is possible. Occupants should wipe down shared tables and high touch surfaces before and after use with provided disinfectant wipes. Faculty, staff and students are expected to take a moment at the start/end of class to use provided sanitizing products in their workspace in the classrooms. In addition to regular custodial service, departments/office suite areas will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness with departmentally provided supplies. Small/single office space occupants will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness with departmentally provided supplies and are encouraged to utilize sanitizing products with increased frequency in addition to regular custodial service.