The team from the Center for Digital Education offers a full slate of training for faculty on a variety of topics including digital course design, media production, hybrid teaching and education technology (like Zoom!). Visit the CDE’s site here for details on available courses and instructions to sign up.

Faculty and Staff Life

  • Academic calendar: You can view an academic calendar for WashU here and here is the Olin academic calendar.
  • Faculty/Staff working from home: All faculty/staff members will work from home unless absolutely necessary to work on campus. Department managers will define who needs to be on campus.
  • Faculty training: All faculty teaching in the fall and spring will be required to participate in training sessions to familiarize themselves with the classroom equipment and hybrid course delivery. Dates and times of training can be found on the CDE website.
  • Faculty concerns: Faculty wanting to request to modify their assigned teaching modality should reach out to Joyce Montgomery, head of Olin HR. Such requests will be considered in a confidential manner.
  • Masks vs. Face Shields: Faculty should use face masks while teaching in WashU Olin classrooms. Face shields are not considered a first option for faculty while teaching. If a student’s ability to follow coursework requires them to be able to see the instructor’s full face, the student should request an accommodation through the university’s Disability Resources Office.  Disability Resources will notify the instructor and then a face shield may be used. In that instance, the instructor may inform the class that they will use a face shield in order to accommodate student needs in the classroom.
  • Course syllabus. Every course syllabus should include language how the class would be delivered under various scenarios such as faculty and student illness or changes to university operations. Templates for such language are provided in the Box folder shared with faculty and staff.
  • Faculty work with PhD students: Faculty work with PhD students will be held online.
  • Faculty office hours: All faculty office hours will be held online.
  • Faculty research seminars (external & internal): All faculty seminars will be held online.
  • Faculty/staff group meetings: All meetings of faculty and/or staff will be held online.
  • Faculty collaborations: Faculty will not be allowed to meet/work with each other in their offices. All joint work on research must be held online.
  • Student advising (both for WCC and academic): All advising appointments should be held virtually to the extent possible, subject to some representation in the programs offices. Department managers will determine how to maintain representation in their offices.