Save the dates for global immersion

Dean Taylor wants to assure students of Olin’s commitment to fulfilling the previously communicated schedule for the global immersion.

A guide to course delivery this academic year

The COVID-19 situation is fluid and changing on a daily basis. Based on the current health updates, the University has returned to in-person operations.  For a limited number of situations, students may be granted an exemption from in-person study and approved to study fully remote.  Students must follow the formal channels to request and be granted exemption from in-person study.

Courses at Olin will be offered in one of two modalities for 2021-22 academic year:

  1. In-person: Most courses will be designated as in-person. Students in these courses are in the classroom at the time of delivery. In-person classes will accommodate students who have been granted an exemption from in-person study and approved to study fully remotely by livestreaming and recording the class sessions.
  2. Online: In cases where the majority of the students are exempted from in-person study, the course will be offered fully online via Zoom.

Class participation and interaction: Class participation, classroom interaction, and collaboration are a signature of the Olin culture and Code of Conduct. It is expected that students attend class in-person. Remote participation is acceptable only if approved and should be synchronous if possible. Unauthorized sharing or usage of livestream links or recordings without faculty permission will be considered a violation of Olin’s Integrity Matters Professional Conduct Expectations and Standards, Section II. B. 1. f. This includes sharing and accessing a previous term’s recording for this class. Academic integrity sanctions will apply to students found in violation.

Class accessibility: Classes with students who have received exemptions will be livestreamed and recorded to accommodate those students. Faculty will be informed by the Registrar’s office and/or the Programs office which students have been approved for remote study. The Faculty, TA, or support staff will share the livestream links with approved students only. Students with an exemption to attend remotely should attend synchronously, if possible. Some students may receive a temporary approval for remote study (e.g. required quarantine). Faculty will provide accommodations to these students (e.g. a live stream link and/or recording).

Conducting courses on campus

University guidelines: The central university has outlined how WashU intends to deploy a consistent approach to classrooms across campus. Olin is aligning its approach with these guidelines, as outlined on this page.

Course times and breaks: Passing time between courses will return to 10 minutes between courses.

Breakout/study rooms: Breakout and study rooms will be available.

Class materials: All class materials should be available digitally to all students. This includes course packets, presentations, handouts, notes, and other materials. All assignments should be allowed to be submitted digitally. Faculty should adhere to Olin’s blind-grading policies and avoid using student folders, to the extent possible.

Exams and other assessments: Exams and assessments can be delivered either in-person or remotely, at the faculty’s discretion.Olin’s blind-grading policies are in force.

Academic group work for students:  Students will be allowed to work in teams inside Olin buildings. Faculty and students should collaborate remotely when a team or group includes members who have received an exemption to in-person study or when a team member may be in isolation or quarantine.

Faculty office hours: Faculty office hours may be online or in-person, at the faculty’s discretion.

Teaching Assistants (TAs): Faculty and TAs may collaborate in-person or remotely at their own arrangement. 

Guest speakers and visitors to campus: All faculty, staff and student groups must adhere to university policies related to guest speakers and visitors to campus.

Classroom engagement moderators: Faculty who need to livestream their courses through Zoom to accommodate remote students can request the support of an engagement moderator from Olin HR.

Student Life

Students clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities:  Please refer to university guidelines.

Corporate campus recruiting: Much of corporate recruiting activities will be conducted virtually.

Student advising (both academic and WCC): A combination of remote and in-person advising appointments will be available to students.   PhD student office attendance: PhD students who requested summer access have received an office and desk assignment that complies with the university social distance policy. PhD students authorized by the Doctoral Programs Office may resume working on campus on July 1.

How to participate in online/hybrid courses

Olin is prepared to help remote students engage with their instructors in the classroom—and fellow classmates.