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Acknowledging the unique circumstances for this fall

A message from Dean Mark P. Taylor

A short time ago, Chancellor Martin and Provost Wendland posted details about WashU’s plans for the fall semester, which are available for your review here. Our students have also already received a follow-up message from me sharing Olin-specific details, including a link to Olin’s COVID-19 Response website and our schedule for town hall meetings targeting our undergraduate and graduate students.

Clearly, this will not be a normal semester, as the chancellor has shared, demanding significant changes in how we interact with each other, occupy campus spaces and pursue teaching, research and campus life.

I recognize that our students are now receiving what could fairly be described as a tidal wave of information about how we’ll manage the coming semester. They will require empathy and understanding as they navigate our “new normal” for the term. We are prepared to help guide each of them through all of the information on the COVID-19 website and guide them to their academic advisors for assistance with any outstanding questions.

Meanwhile, students have been informed about a full slate of town hall meetings from both Washington University and Olin Business School. For your information, you can see the schedule here for WashU town halls targeting the at-large campus community and Olin-specific town halls here.

I want our entire community—staff, faculty, student and alumni—to know this: I am keenly aware of how challenging and overwhelming this time has been for everyone. I know how carefully and thoughtfully everyone has worked to prepare a meaningful, rigorous and productive semester for students at WashU Olin. I am truly grateful for everything you are doing.

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